Monday, June 09, 2008

Prayer Request

This time it's one of my own.

I took Ethan to the Dr. today. He has been having increased frequency of urination lately. It seems to be about every 10-15 min. during the day. They tested him for a urinary tract infection and it came back negative. The Dr. feels he may have this. It is caused by scar tissue from the circumcision. They originally referred us to a Dr. at Akron Children's Hospital, but since they are not one of our "preferred providers" on the insurance, it looks like we will be getting him an appointment in Cleveland.

That's all I know for now. I have peace right now about it. We'll see about that in a week or two.


MissSonya said...

well, we will pray for your fmaily and that peace. Take it from a mom who has a child with a condition, it is not easy but God takes care of everything.

I will read about it now.

Amanda said...

Ethan is a trooper and will handle everything fine. I was counting up the surgeries my kids have had and they have all had 2 apiece under general! It is scary, but you see how well mine bounced back!
Let me know if you need anything - I can babysit or whatever.
We are all praying for Ethan and all of you.

Unknown said...

I will hope for the best, and I am sure they did but did they check his blood sugar levels...isn't frequent urination a sign of diabetes?

Lura said...

I had thought of that too, but the Dr. thinks it is all caused by the scar tissue. He said that his "hole" is the size of a newborns or smaller.

Cheryl said...

OH poor baby! I will pray for him.