Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Prayer Request

The grand daughter of my parents friends is pregnant with twins. She and her husband recently moved to Florida and do not know anyone. They also have two other children. She is having a difficult time with the pregnancy. This is the email that I got about her yesterday.

"Hi..... news not good about Sarah..... She has been in the hosp. since last Mon. morning.. They had her on all kinds of drugs all week.. Got the labor pains down from 3 min. apart to 20 min. apart. But, the drugs have made her go blind.... can't see anything.. They say it's a side effect.. She had the same thing with J.J. so she wasn't surprised... They have to take her off the meds by tomorrow noon tho'.....too much is too much... So...we don't know where it will go from here.. Lori & Danny flew down to Orlando this afternoon.. Sarah has nobody there, so she hasn't even been eating, can't seem to get any help... Sad situation... The babies now weigh a little over 2 & a half lbs.. and she is now at 30 weeks on Monday.. Every day helps at this point but it sure is a miserable wait........ could go on for a lot longer.... So.... all the prayers you can round up will sure be appreciated !!!!! "

I can't even imagine how this girl feels. Two kids (under 6 I believe), pregnant with twins who are probably going to be born very prematurely, in a town/state where you know no one, in the hospital and on drugs that have made you go temporarily blind (you hope it's temporary). The stress is unimaginable!!! Please keep this girl in your prayers!

Also, and update on Larry. He is doing well. His organs are starting to recover. It is truly a miracle! Thanks for all your prayers.


Cheryl said...

I will pray for her and the babies!! We have friends who had their twins at 27 weeks and were less then 2lbs. at birth. They just celebrated their 7th birthdays. They can do amazing things with very premature babies, I'm sure everything will turn out fine. I will keep them in my prayers please keep us updated!

Oh that is wonderful about Larry I have been wondering! What a miracle!!

Crystal said...

Wow, I have no words........I can't even imagine, the whole family is in my prayers for sure! Please keep us posted.

PRAISE GOD for the miracle for Larry!!!! AWESOME NEWS!

Unknown said...

Perchance is she in the Tampa area? Email if she is...I have a very good friend from college who lives there and does some really amazing things with art therapy and a process called birthing from within (though she will probably have a section with them this early) but she might be helpful even just for a freindly voice for a visit...she has only been there about a year. ANyway, i am praying too.

SamandSawyersMom said...

oh my goodnes. First Larry, just the news got me crying. i prayed so hard those days for him and asked God to show his muscles and his power with this man's life. Boy has He! Wow, thanks for sharing.

i will pay for the girl as well.

Amanda said...

I can't imagine what she is going through, or her entire family for that matter. I will pray for them. Please keep us updated.