Friday, May 02, 2008

Our birds

This is the daddy killdeer. He is to the left of the tree. This is the killdeer nest. They build their nests right on the ground. There is very little actual nest.
Tyler checking out the eggs. As you can see, they built their nest right on edge of our driveway. We put up some flags with the hope that no one would get too close to that edge, and we are hoping that the eggs hatch soon before the tractors start coming down the driveway.
For more interesting facts, click on the link above. They have an interesting way of distracting people who get too close to their nests. They are also very noisy if you get too close as you can see in the video below.


Char said...

I really hope they don't get squashed!! It's awful close to the side of the driveway!! The poor deers.... haha, get it, deers?? haha!!

Cheryl said...

oh i will follow the link and read all about them when ryan gets home, he will love it!! I hope they hatch soon. I wonder why they are they close to the road.

Creative Play Child Care said...

you killed our spider last year so i am afraid to get too emotional involved

Crystal said...

Charity that was funny and Sonya was funny too! ha ha

Can you put something there to help protect them from getting run over??? Those eggs are pretty big.

Jamie said...

We have killdeers in our yard too, although ours have hatched and we have 4 babies running around. Aren't they awesome!! I think they killdeers are so cool how they protect their young. Another awesome creation by God!!