Thursday, March 13, 2008

If you ask for 5 more minutes of sleep.....

-One boy will have a plate full of grapes and ketchup for breakfast.
-One boy will finish off the cheese.
-One boy will eat marshmallows.

(Don't ask how I know, it's just a hunch.....)


Unknown said...

Mine discovered cat puke on my parents leather couch, and the wooden arm too...that had dried over night and let the cat upstairs (where she is not to be allowed) when he came to tell me..thus also waking up the other two...but grapes and ketchup is grosser!

Cheryl said...

oh that is too funny! you probably didn't think so but it is to someone else.

Char said...

Ugh - I commented already but it didn't take it. What I said was this:

I want to guess which boy did what. I think that Tyler had the grapes and ketchup, Ethan the cheese and Isaiah the marshmallows.
I might be wrong on the twins, but I'm pretty sure it was Zay with the marshmallows. haha!
Let me know if i'm right.