Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Our meeting went well with the babysitter last Thursday. I couldn't really find any problems with her. However, Tim's parents have offered to continue watching the boys for awhile (which we greatly appreciate) and we would obviously rather have them with family than strangers. I did find out after the interview that the babysitter goes to church with my friend Patty from work. We will definately keep her in mind if we need someone in the future.

Amanda's test results showed enlarged lymph nodes. They are just going to keep watching her for now.

Sean's mom has been moved to a rehab center that is quite far from home. However, she is not really at a rehab point right now. Her kidneys are only working at 30% and apparently they will not get better. She is carrying extra fluid. They are looking to move her to a nursing home that is 3 houses away from Sean and Amanda's house.

Is anyone else having problems with their spell checkers?


Cheryl said...

yeah, Sonya said she couldn't use spell check either. Thanks for the updates! I am glad your boys will still be with family, at least for now.

SamandSawyersMom said...

hopefully she has a spot open when you need her

yeah spell checker and photos not adding

The jerk, that's me, still praying for Amanda and her family