Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!

Tonight I finally got around to doing my daily devotion and I thought that I would share some of what it said. It is taken from the book "Spurgeon's Morning and Evening" by Charles Haddon Spurgeon. He lived from 1834-1892. The wording is old and somewhat hard to understand at times, but he was a great writer and preacher.

This is what struck me today.

"...we will not dishonour our Bridegroom by mourning in his presence. We are ordained to be the minstrels of the skies, let us rehearse our everlasting anthem before we sing it in the halls of New Jerusalem. We will be GLAD AND REJOICE: two words with one sense, double joy, blessedness upon blessedness. Need there be any limit to our rejoicing in the Lord even now?"

What I get from this is "Be happy. As Christians, we have Christ with us all the time. That should give us incredible joy, even in the midst of our worldly sorrows. After we die it is already planned that we will go to Heaven to sing the praises of God continually. Why not get a start in practicing that here on earth?".

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SamandSawyersMom said...

i totally agree. i love being happy and I find that we have so much to be happy about. good post!!