Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Anti Procrastination Wednesday

I will update this list as I get more things done.

-sewed Isaiah's "I" onto his super hero cape
-glued two things back into the books they had been ripped out of
-put negatives into envelopes and labeled them. (even though most of our pictures are digital, I keep a disposable camera in the diaper bag)
-washed fabric so that I can make a tablecloth with it
-made a bag of things to send to Charity when her parents go down

-sorted through a bag of fabric scraps and saved a little bit to make scrunchies and napkins or basket liners. (Victoria, do you want any scraps?)
-got a package ready to send to my grandma's sister who lives in Arizona of card stock I'm not going to use (she makes cards). She is the one my boys thought was my grandma at her funeral.
-Sewed the boys engineer clothes back together. One hook had come off each of them.


Char said...

Oh YEAH!!! I can't wait for my bag of "things"! :)

Char said...

I have an idea!!! Why don't you bring it down to me?!!

Cheryl said...

good for you! Hope you get lots done!

Unknown said...

I hope this will post, I added one the last one...ask about guns in the house! The last comment I posted did not add, so I don't know about this one. I would love scraps, though I can't have them right now. I need a house (soon) to put them in. Please don'tmake scrunchies that is all I am going to say there because I am afraid I would sound snotty or whatever about other peoples' fashion decisions. Are you planning to come to the party tomorrow? I can't find your email so please send me a message at my blog.