Wednesday, November 14, 2007

For Crystal

This is my new coupon box. Charity and I got them at Staples (I think). They were about $10. This is the inside. I made my own labels.
In some of the categories I put envelopes to split it up into smaller sub categories.
I also have a folder where I keep my ads and an envelope for each store. When I'm figuring out my deals, I put my coupons in the appropriate store envelope. I still take my big coupon box in the store (in case I find any other deals or clearance items) but I have most of the coupons I need in the one envelope. I also do a list with all the stores and all the deals I want to check out. It lists the price, how much the coupon is for and what I should be paying for it at the end. I also list sizes that I have to buy in order to get the deal so I don't pick up the wrong size.

I don't have a method for getting rid of expired coupons. I usually just come across them in the store and then I fold them in half so I know not to use them. I have been thinking about going through them at the first of every month or every other month to weed them out.

It is work and it does take time. I don't have much money, but I do have time to save money. Right now it's my hobby and it's fun. I wouldn't do it (or maybe not to the same extent) if I didn't enjoy it.


SamandSawyersMom said...

wow, i loved th tip abotu the store envelopes. i will do that with baggies (I use baggies because they are clear). Thanksfor the tips.

I guess your disappearance today was a false alarm.

Char said...

yep, i do it the same way. envelopes, store envelopes, folder

i tend to go thru my coupons at the beginning or end of the month. OR i look when i'm sorting thru coupons for things.

Lura said...

No, I'm with the aliens. They have DSL up here!

Jamie said...

I really like that box. It seems that most strategies are pretty similar, it's just in different boxes or compartments. I just think whatever works best for you is the way to go!

Crystal said...

That's really cool. I am finding there are a ton of ways to organize the coupons and you just gotta do which one works best for you. I even saw online that someone used a binder and put the coupons inside baseball card sheets, so you can just flp the pages and see what you have....that was cool too.

I do the store envelope thing already, that was the first thing I did.

At first, I thought, this is way too much work for a deal but then once I did it for the first time, I got such a rush!!! ha ha NOW I AM HOOKED!!!!

My hubby told me last night after I spent 2 hours organizing my coupons that I was obsessed but he said it's a good obsession to have! ha He loves that I am getting deals and saving money!

Thanks for this post LL!!!