Monday, November 12, 2007

First Movie

Last weekend I took the boys shopping for new winter coats (courtesy of my mom- Thanks mom!). I decided on the spur of the moment to take them to see their first movie theater movie. Ratatouille was on at the dollar theater. I figured that even if we had to walk out halfway through, $4 wouldn't be that big of a loss.

Isaiah couldn't keep his seat down. The boys enthralled by the big screen. We had to sit in the fourth row from the front.

All in all they did really well. We made it through the whole movie. Isaiah spent some time walking up and down our isle, playing peek a boo with the lady behind us (before the movie) and laying on the floor, but he fell asleep about 45 min. into the movie. Tyler said about 15 min. before the end that he was ready to go home now. It was nap time, so I'm sure they were both tired. The first thing Ethan told Tim about the movie when we got home was, "Somebody got killed". Nice. I think he was talking about the scene with the rats in rat traps, either that or he saw a different movie than I did.

Also, I made a mistake in my last post. The Betty Crocker potatoes are .88 at Walmart not Meijer. They were in the picture w/ the chips from Meijer and I guess I didn't catch that. We do have double coupons at our Meijer.


SamandSawyersMom said...

aww their first movie. how cute. i am sure sawyer wouldn't do well.
how many papers did you get yesterday? do you always get just 1?
I can't resist that many free things. I had to buy more. We only pay a buck for them. We still saveabout 80 buvks with teh papers. I didn't get the free cat food but i might for crys.

Amanda said...

I love the pics. Isaiah is too cute!

Char said...

Those are great!! Very cute!

Cheryl said...

Are you suppose to take pictures in the movie theater, I don't think so. They are very cute. Ryan us to have that seat problem too. Kevin and I would have to hold his seat down the whole movie. very cute.

Jamie said...

Oh that's so cute! I remember we took Noah to see Monsters Inc. for his first. He was around 22 months. We took Abby as an infant and continued all through her 5 years. Steve and I love going to movies and after the kids were born, could only go see family movies. So we do it whenever we can. We love it!

Crystal said...

I love the looks on their faces.....too cute.