Monday, October 08, 2007

My new obsession....

As you can probably tell, one of my new obsessions is getting great deals. I'm always one for a sale and I always buy the loss leaders when I go grocery shopping (those items that are priced ridiculously low in order to get you into the store), but I have now gone to a new level.

Growing up, my mom always used coupons and sent in rebates. Back in the day, you had to cut out all your proofs of purchases, stick them in an envelope with a form, and mail them off via snail mail.

I have used coupons off and on, but had basically stopped using them because they were for things that I wouldn't buy normally, or didn't give me that great of a deal even with the coupon. I did most of my shopping at Aldi's and you can't use coupons there. The prices there are almost always better than anything you buy in a regular store with a coupon- or so I thought.

I have been inspired by several people and websites to try a new kind of shopping.

Crystals blog, Biblical Womanhood, and her new blog, Money Saving Mom, have some great deals. She fed her husband, self, and then later their daughter for $35 a week while he was in law school. They now have another baby and I think she still tries to stay pretty close to that $35 range. She explains on the Money Saving Mom one how to get free or almost free stuff at drugstores and grocery stores. You'll find links to both of her blogs in my sidebar for future reference.

I've also been sampling something called The Grocery Game. You can read about it here. Basically they track the sales trends for you and tell you when to use your coupons to get the rock bottom lowest price on something. Then you stock up at that low price till it comes around on sale again at the rock bottom price. There is a fee for this service, but I think you get your money back in savings. The first month is only $1 and I definitely made that back!

I still try to buy my staple items at Aldi if I can't find them cheaper somewhere else. I try to eat around the sales. I don't plan my meals around what I'd like to have, but rather what I have gotten on sale.

I also use Angel Food even though we haven't used it for the past 2 months. You can see my post about it here, or go to their website for locations and monthly menus.

I have been buying the Sunday paper to get coupons and I also ask friends for any they don't use. Charity also told me about the "All You" magazine at Walmart for $1.77 that has a ton of coupons in it (along with some decent articles, recipes, games, etc). I also print coupons from the computer. is a good place to start (thanks Mel). You can also go directly to the manufacturers websites and print coupons there too. One of those is

I have more that I'd like to post about groceries and what people spend on them, along with some more links, but that will have to wait for another day.

***Edited to add: Remember to call and ask the store beforehand if they will accept coupons from the Internet.


SamandSawyersMom said...

oh that is cool. I will have to look into it.

A small warning though before people around here go and print a bunch of coupons. Almost every store here in Cincy has a sign that tells that they do not accept any computer or internet coupons. If you printed it yourself, you can;t use it. Just check first before going through all that work. I am surprised Walmart does not have the same rule everywhere.

I always save you coupons but never know when to stop and actually send them. I use so many though. I forgot to get a paper yesterday and now I am a bit heart broken.

Lura said...

That is a good reminder I should have mentioned. I did call all the stores around here first to make sure they took internet printed coupons (and they all do). You can still get a lot of good deals without the internet printed coupons, I'll try to post more on the rebate stuff later.

Jamie said...

I've used the interent ones recently, I think it was at Meijer. Not sure, could've been Kroger though, although I doubt it. I love using coupons. Every week, I take the coupons I have and get online to see what's on sale at Meijer and Kroger and what do I have coupons for so I can get stuff super cheap. I love it when it's on sale and I have a coupon for it! I'll definitely look into the websites though, I did that for alittle while, but haven't recently. Thanks for the tips!!

Cheryl said...

I saw a shop on the Grocery Game one time. It looked pretty cool. The people who run it put in a lot of work and people say they save a lot of money. That's cool. I will keep sending you my extra coupons.

Unknown said...

I get Kraft Food & Family magazine. It is a free mag that comes 4x a year and it always has fun easy recipes. Go to

Char said...

I like Kraft Food magazine! It is really neat!
I am going to try the grocery game soon. I want to atleast try the $1 trial.
I have my neighbor giving me left over coupons now and I'm hoping to get my mother in law to do it too. I wonder if my Mom has coupons?! Hmm...