Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More FSIL Day pics...

for those who can't get enough!

Charity sitting in the parking lot going through her coupons. Our really cheap meal. I had a coupon for a free double steak burger from Steak and Shake, a free McFlurry from McDonalds, free waters, and Charity had a one dollar gift certificate (yes a paper certificate-it was that old) that we used to buy a large fry (along w/ $1). On the fry we got $1 coupon for Toys R Us that we used later to get pop. So basically we made .10 on dinner!
Since we shared a supper and were still hungry, we went to Panera where I had a $5 or so gift card balance. We both got soup, bread, and water. I think we only had to pay $2 there.
Charity at Target, one of our last stops. She was sooooo tiiiirrrreeed. I think that's how she said it. Anyways, she was OK after I took her to Starbucks with my last gift card. (Thanks Crystal, I finally used it!)
All of our loot. We got some great deals. The best was free play dough at Toys R Us. I got a pack of gum for .04. I got a jug of Arm and Hammer laundry detergent for .99. We also went and bought new matching coupon organizers. I'll have to let Charity share her deals or any I forgot.

We came home and cut coupons and ate pastries from the bakery we stopped at. We also went to a book sale and The Dollar Tree that day and also Meijer. Did I forget anything Charity?


SamandSawyersMom said...

this is like talking dirty to me. I need more!!!

Jamie said...

Wow, now that's my kind of day. Boy do I need one of those, Sonya interested??????

Cheryl said...

Wow you go girls. you have inspired me I had to go to the grocery today and I actually used coupons and only on what I was going to buy anyway. You got a lot of loot. Good for you girls!!

Char said...

-bundt cakes and tea
-antique store (fun, huge sale)
-book sale (awesome sale!!!)
-(we were going to give blood too but we hadn't eaten much and we didn't want to pass out)
-kroger (had to go potty, but picked up our sale items too AND got a ton of coupons on those machines that spit them out - woohoo)
-Steak and shake
-Toys R Us (free playdoh and soda)
-Dollar store
-Office supply store
-Panera (I love panera!)
-Starbucks - Mmmm - thanks crystal!

That's it. I was really tired, but I made it thru. I drove all day so that made me tired too. We drank our coffee, Lura had chai, on the way home. Stopped at Mom's, I got my clothes and dropped off my loot, then we went to Lura's to go thru her loot, sort coupons into our new sorter and eat our yummy's from the bakery. Mmmmm! It was LURA who was ready to go to bed before I was!! hehe!
I woke up to sweet little boy voices and their mama saying "shhhh". It was almost 8, so that was good! Lura then made me coffee and we ate our yummy cinabundt cake. Um..... I think that's pretty much it. Lura took me back to my mom's and on the way we stopped at a church rummage sale. Everything was 50% off. It was great!
There, I just blogged my next post on your blog instead of mine! :)

Cheryl said...

Boy that Charity is long winded. You'd think she'd post more ;)

Jamie said...

Charity, how could you look like that in Target???? It's TARGET!!! You can't wipe my smile off in Target!!! SM

Char said...

haha - funny cheryl!

jamie - ordinarily i would have been really excited, you are right. :)

Amanda said...

I can't wait for my day out with Lura. I am sorry to see that the Mall photo booth did not top your list.

Crystal said...

wow that's alot of loot

Unknown said...

Two thoughts, what does your other SIL think of your refering to another as your FSIL? And to get some thoughts...does it count as a great deal if it is a gift card that someone else paid for? The money was spent just not by you, I am not sure how I feel on that either...I just thought it could get a discussion going.

Lura said...

My other SIL doesn't know I call Charity my favorite. Ha ha. She doesn't read my blog either that I know of. I think the gift card thing was good because we didn't spend much over it. I do realize that someone had to pay for it, but as far as money we spent out of pocket for the day, it was a good deal. Plus I got the tea room one for Christmas and saved it 10 months, so I think I did well. The Panera was a year and 1/2 old. Starbucks at least 6-8 months old.

Amanda said...

hey, that was kind of acontroversy. Good Job Vic and Lura!
Was that the same Panera we used on my b-day last year?
That would make it a great deal!