Monday, October 29, 2007

Fall Colors

Yesterday we took a drive down to Amish country to see the fall colors. Some of the trees had already lost their leaves, but it wasn't a bad show! The only downside to our trip was when Isaiah threw up McDonald's on the way home. It looked like he hadn't even chewed his fries. (You can thank me later for that visual). We got him and his seat cleaned up as best we could, but some clean clothes on, and headed down the road only to have him throw up three more times. I think it was brought on by being in the back seat and going up and down all those hills. He was fine and running around as soon as we got home.

Tim and I have found out that we both really like taking pictures. These are my pictures, maybe he'll share the ones he took on his blog.


Cheryl said...

Oh that's beautiful!!

SamandSawyersMom said...

oh i love them. They are very pretty. They look like postcards.

he threw it up because his body was rejecting it. it wanted whole wheat bread!

can you call your money making mom and tell her to post already. i need to know the deals!!!!!!!

Char said...

those are very beautiful!

Jamie said...

Those are so gorgeous. Isn't Ohio just a beautiful place!! I know I love it!!