Monday, September 10, 2007

My boys

Lately it has become necessary for me to let the boys know how some of their actions could result in very serious injury or death. Things like not having your car seat properly buckled, playing near fire, and running into the driveway/road could all have negative consequences and so I've tried to explain what could happen to them on their level.

So now I frequently hear things like "If that happened that would be baaaaaad. We wouldn't have a Tyler anymore. Mommy would be sad."

I just heard the boys in the hallway and the conversation went like this.

T: "I wouldn't have legs anymore."
E: "yeah"
T: "That would be REALLY BAD. I would have to just sit."

Now I've never said that one to them, but apparently my safety talks are starting to sink in!


Cheryl said...

Oh that is cute. I am glad they are getting it. I love to hear kids talk to each other when they don't know you are there.

SamandSawyersMom said...

that is so funny and cite. see that is a bonus for havign twins thta are on the same communication level

Crystal said...

SAL I love how literal kids are!

kellerie said...

that is so funny! at least you know that they are listening!

Char said...

Tyler said it to me while I was there. It was too funny. He was telling me that he'd be dead and that there wouldn't be a Tyler anymore and mommy would be sad. It was hard not to laugh!
They are so darn sweet and cute!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! They do pick up things quickly.