Friday, September 14, 2007

Great Sermon Part II

Click here to listen to this great sermon by Dr. David Jeremiah

The second day he talked about how God gives us storm advisories or storm warnings in the Bible.

The disciples were in the storm not because they did something wrong, but because they did something right. They were obeying Jesus. Just because we are going through a trial it doesn't mean that God is punishing us. Sometimes we are right where he wants us to be. He wants to take us to another level of faith and confidence in Him.

Dr. Jeremiah cautioned people to not ever suggest that it's because there's something evil in someones life that they are having problems.

In Peter it says something to the effect of "Don't consider it strange when you have trials". (I Peter 4:12)

Jesus was at peace while the disciples were going to pieces.

There are lots of hymns about storms and not sinking. Nobody likes to sing them anymore because they are not "happy" songs.

3. God's word announces the Savior is on board.

4. The ship is in good hands.

Psalm 89:9

9You rule the swelling of the sea; When its waves rise, You still them.

He didn't change the ship, but He changed the sea.

If he were just a good man, He couldn't do that. This shows us He is God. As a man, Jesus was asleep in the boat. When he was awake, he was God and stilled the storm.

Some other examples: As a man, Jesus cried for Lazarus. As God he raised him up from the dead. As a man He was baptized by John, as God we was taken up into Heaven afterwards and God said "This is my son in who I am well pleased".

He won't allow the storms to sink you.

5. God's word allows us a glimpse of the master plan.

Why did Jesus let them go through the storm? Notice that he calmed the storm as soon as they cried out to him for help. Do we cry out to God during our storms or do we try to handle it on our own first? Storms show us our dependence on God. They should get our focus on the eternal purpose.

When you look at the storm, you're afraid. When you look at the Savior you find peace. Where is your focus?

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kellerie said...

thanks for this - lately i've needed reminding that my trials might not be punishment or a sign of God not caring, but they could actually just be part of his greater plan for me. hopefully i'm learning whatever it is i'm supposed to learn!