Friday, August 10, 2007

Things to do today

-Wash and dry 4-5 loads of laundry (4 washed and 3 dry done)
-Clean out fridge
-Hang up weather/date thing for the boys
-Sweep the bedroom
-Read a devotion or in the Bible
-Go through "in" box
-Plan supper (We had supper, but it sure wasn't planned.)
-Make a grocery/Walmart list
-Take Isaiah to Dr. for well child visit (Done-he's healthy)
-Get veggies out of garden and dead head flowers (Got the veggies out)
-Wash new shelf and bring it in from the garage
-Set mouse traps to catch a new friend


Mom2samandsawyer said...

you just couldn't leave the part out of the little friend could you??

A well check? I thought you skipped those? And so close to his birthday? Whoa...good for you.

Good luck...look for our birdies while you are out there.

Amanda said...

You forgot, Take boys to Auntie Amanda's house and instruct them not to tear her house apart.

ha ha, like THEY would!!! maybe instruct my kids!

Cheryl said...

If all your kids band together they could take over the house, you would be seriously out numbered.

Crys said...

Good list! What's the weather/date thing for the boys??

Lura said...

It's a thing you hang on the wall and then you put the date/ weather/etc. up on it every day.