Friday, July 06, 2007

Heard at our House...

Me: Don't pull on your brothers arm.
Ethan: His beans will come out?

Me: (I was making gas passing noises with my hands up to my mouth- so mature, I know!)
Tyler: You know better!


Crys said...

That is great! ha ha I like how you didn't say the F word! SM

Mom2samandsawyer said...

Oh the joys of boys. Sammy is starting to get that gas is funny (although i do nto find it the least bit funny) and he will laugh or whatever. i hate it, He is all boy!

As they get older and you can talk to them like everyone else ,it becomes even more fun. I was telling Steve that last night. Sammy is our friend too. He can hold a very intelligent conversation.

Your "hearings" reminded me of how special those moments are.

Char said...

Haha! I love them. Your boys are so cute!
Gas is funny. Just as any boy and just about any man alive and they will tell you so! Some women think it's funny too. Bodily functions are very funny to boys. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! LOL :) Oh and my nephews don't stand a chance living with my brother!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie said...

Yeah, definitely the boys think it hysterical. You'll either spend you're whole life disgusted by it and just learn to live with it!! I am not a joiner in that group, but I am a learning to life with it-er!!!

Amanda said...

How about talk of being "sweetiepies" and lots of "mandas"! That's what I like to hear you r boys say!!!

I love the beans one.

I should have gone with you to the park today, maybe my day would have been better.