Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The fun never ends...at work.

Last night I got a call at 8:15 pm from work that we had federal surveyors in the building. Yippee (did you know that yippee is actually in the spell checker?). We have never had a federal survey, so we have no idea what to expect. Apparently 10% of all state surveys are now followed up by federal surveys to make sure that the state people are doing their job (and to see if they missed anything). Of course it was the one night that I told Tim to go to bed at 7:30 because he's been so tired. I jumped in the shower and then put the boys to bed. I got to work around 9:10 and stayed until 12:40. I will be back there today for all the fun. Please pray again!!! They will be at work through Friday. Surveys are very crazy and some of the people I work with get very bent out of shape. I try to remember that the worst thing they can do is fire me. They can't take away the things that are important to me like my husband and kids!

Please pray also for my friend, Anita. She had a baby boy (Jacob) 7 weeks ago and he is having problems with his bowels. I know a couple of you have gone through that. She is already worried about colostomy's and things like that. She takes him to the Dr. today.


Amanda said...

Ugh...Again! The fun never does end, does it?

I hope you got some sleep AND have a fairly peaceful day at work.

Only 364 more days give or take a month!

I think I have a sitter for Friday morning. I hope you can still go, it sounds like you will need it!

Char said...

Oh man that stinks!!
I hope all goes well today!! It's true there is nothing of great importance they take from you.
Uh oh - poor little Jakey. Hopefully it'll all work out ok and she'll find out some positive news today at the Dr's.
Hang in there! They have to leave some time.

Crys said...

I am praying that everything goes well! Keep the good attitude about whats important and you will do great! Your friend is also in my prayers........boy I can sure relate. Let us know how the baby is doing.

Cheryl said...

Praying now. Hope it all works out.

Poor baby, keep us updated.

Char said...

so how did it go???

Lura said...

Yesterday went fine. They didn't even talk to me. I just gave support to those they were talking to! Ha ha. I also got all caught up on my work which is nice for a change.