Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cancer Myths

These were put out by a local hospital. I thought they were interesting. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, there is "no conclusive evidence (linking) cancer with the following items:

-pesticide residue
-cell phones
-genetically modified foods
-food additives
-breast implants
-hormones in beef
-artificial sweeteners
-fluoridated water
-electromagnetic fields from computer terminals and household appliances"


Amanda said...

But now that people have put the idea that they do cause cancer out there, people aren't going to believe they aren't linked!
It would be nice if they'd make up their minds!!!

Char said...

I would have to think that atleast the pesticide residue would cause cancer and possibly the food additives. I wish there was a sure way to really detect what does and what doesn't cause cancer.

Lura said...

That's why I thought I'd post the latest from the cancer research place. At least this is what they know for right now. Although I don't advise eating pesticide residue!

Cheryl said...

Unfortunately I think there are so many things that cause cancer and different amounts for each person. It sucks. We may never figure it all out. It's just too bad that the "cure" for cancer almost kills the people getting it. I pray they find away to prevent, control and cure cancer that is less invasive to the people going through it.

Lura said...

I hear a lot of people say at work that there is a cure for cancer, but all of the drug companies would lose money if it was found out (because of all the anti cancer drugs) so they pay researchers money to keep quiet about it. I don't know that I believe that, but it is something to think about.

Cheryl said...

That is hard to believe. I'm sure they'd make plenty of money off the cure. Who knows??

kellerie's world said...

i don't know if i believe they have the cure, but i do know that the treatment is massively expensive. just one of my dad's chemo sessions is something like $12,000! of course, insurance companies and doctors write off a lot of that, but what do people without insurance do?

Cheryl said...

Even with good insurance it is expensive for just the prescriptions. Kevin's were thousands of dollars a month. Thankfully he still lived with his parents.

vwiller said...

People who don't have insurance just get billed the whole amount and either pay it or eventually get it written off because they don't pay. Most credit companies don't even bother with looking at any medical debt on credit reports.