Monday, June 11, 2007

What I ate in High School...

In my foods class in high school, we had to write down what we ate for 24 hours. This is what I ate from 10am to 10 am:

-2 Little Debbie Swiss cakes, 1 p.b. bar

-bologna sandwich with ketchup and mustard

-bag of Frito's


-4 Oreos

-2 cheeseburgers with ketchup and mustard, no bun

-piece of pizza

-3 chocolate chip cookies

-water to drink

My teacher wrote on the bottom of the page "Is this nutritional". She also asked about milk, pop, and coffee. Back then, all I drank was water. It's no wonder I have the body that I have today.


Mom2samandsawyer said...

that is really cool that you have that. I can't imagine what mine would have said

Mcdonalds for breakfast Arby'sfor lunch and HArdees for dinner

we always ate out

vwiller said...

Really look at this, how nutritional is it really? I have no room to talk about what I ate then (a lot of twizlers and KCF mashed potaoes) but really, no veggies or fruit, many sweets and no breakfast...what would we think of someone who fed their child this (not your mom) I mean kids ours' ages...just a thought, who taught this class (I definitely did not take it)

As a side note, I really have trouble (personally) with food journals..they really mess with my mind as to how much I should be eating. That is why I really could not read What to Eat When you are caused me lots of guilt.

Crys said...

I ate like crap back then too! I never ate breakfast and then for lunch I would eat two bags of barbque chips and a soda and then eat some more junk. I think Dinner was the only thing I ate back then that was halfway healthy! ha ha

Jamie said...

I remember in 7th and 8th grade I had a bagel with cream cheese a hawaiian punch and two chocolate chip cookies everyday. It came to $2. While I worked at McDonald's from age 14 to 20, I ate there all the time, yet was pretty darn thin ( I realize that now, then I thought I was huge). Why can't we eat like that now and look like we did, it's not fair!!

Mom2samandsawyer said...

nope not fair...SM

Lura said...

Bag of Fritos, brownie and chocolate milk was my lunch in high school. I would also have a taco salad on taco bar day.

vwiller said...

I could make a string cheese or one segment of orange last all of lunch, senior year I ate lots of mashed potatoes or the really bad rolls with butter..different school, different issues

Lura said...

Was that your diet strategy?

vwiller said...

No, my neurosis..avoid eating as much as possible...I had many other stratagies in at the first school, when I moved I gained almost 10 pounds (horror in HS) b/c i lost most of was easier. I have a new battle now that I am not pregnant or is just me not anyone else to take care of, I find myself slipping a bit (I guess I have some work to do, I just realized)