Saturday, June 09, 2007

Pool Fun

Yesterday we went to my aunt Pat's house (the aunt and uncle who watch the boys). My cousin, Anitra, was there with her two kids who are the same ages as my boys. She is here from Indiana for her brother's graduation party.

We took all the kids in the pool. Tyler floated by himself with arm floats and a noodle. I love that they are becoming more independent. I was right there beside him. We ended up getting out of the pool a little bit later as a storm was coming. Anitra with Bryn and Jaden.


Crys said...

Those are cute pictures! Your boys look like they were having a blast!!! Sonya will be happy to see hats on their heads! SM

Jamie said...

I was thinking the same thing about the hats!!! Glad you were able to beat the heat!!

Mom2samandsawyer said...

I am laughing cause I was about to say something about the hats and then there were already 2 comments about the hats. Good for you. It stems from an article I read years before i had children that said sunscreen wil change and come and go but really the best thing you can ever do about the sun is shield them from it with a hat. Nothing about that will ever change. It is so simple. You can't miss a spot like sunscreen. And my son can tell you that "ONE BAD SUNBURN AS A CHILD CAN CAUSE MELANOMA AS AN ADULT".

Anyway, the top picture is priceless and I could say more about it if I could ever zoom in on your pics which I can't anymore. You did something to them. I LOVED when Sammy was able to get around in the pool alone. It is such a relief. He still can't swim but he can bop around in his water wings.

Swimming is so great for all ages really. i still love it today, like I did years ago.

Lura said...

I didn't do anything to my pics. You can zoom on the one of Lawrence below. I usually make all my pictures large. I'm not sure what makes them different.

Lura said...

And in case you are wondering, Isaiah's swimsuit is Tommy Hilfinger (sp?).

Mom2samandsawyer said...

well i would be abletosee that if i could zoom in

her kids faces are so angelic and gorgeous