Saturday, June 16, 2007

Our Birdfeeders

Last year we had a regular bird feeder out front. We also had a hummingbird feeder that attaches to the window. A couple of weeks ago we saw a finch in our yard (the first time in 8 years?) and so we decided to get a finch feeder. It has become a popular place! The males are the bright yellow ones and the females are the duller colored ones.
These are our hummingbirds and the boys watching birds. I've tried to teach them to be quiet and move slow when there are birds out there. If Isaiah sees one, he says "shhhhh".


Amanda said...

Those are great photos! How long did you crouch at the window before they appeared? They look like photos you'd see in Birds and Blooms. I am very impressed.

No Bread Yet.

Crys said...

Oh I just think those are the coolest pictures!!! I love to watch the birds on our feeders's sooo neat for the kids!