Sunday, May 13, 2007


Thanks to everyone who has prayed for Isaiah! He is doing much better.

In case you don't know, on Thursday night he started having some real problems breathing. He had a fever of 101 at about 5 pm. We put him to bed at 8:15 and he was fine. Around 10 pm, Tim brought him out to me and he couldn't get his breath. It was pretty scary. It was like he could breathe in, but not out. I took him to the hospital while Tim stayed with the boys who were in bed. My mom met me at the hospital. They gave him a breathing treatment and then 2 different steroids. They also gave him Motrin. They diagnosed him with croup. The Dr. ended up admitting him because he still didn't sound that much better when they were done. I think we got to his room about 2 am or so. To make a long story short, we got maybe 2 hours of sleep or so. The Dr. came in at 8:30 am and said that he was getting better, but they wanted to watch him a little longer and that she would call on her lunch break. If he was OK, they would discharge him. She said she saw no problem with taking him to the zoo or camping this weekend (which is what we had planned to do). We left the hospital around 1 pm and went camping around 4:30 pm. We got back this afternoon.

He has been a little grumpier than usual (we all have due to lack of sleep). The nurse said that the steroid they put him on will also make him grumpy. We did have a fairly good weekend though.

Just thought I would post an update instead of trying to call or email you all individually. Thanks again for the prayers!


Cheryl said...

Ryan was on a steroid when he had croup too. It did make him irritable.But it doesn't last long. I am glad he is feeling better. I'm glad you had a good weekend.

Crystal said...

I am very happy to hear that he is doing better! I haven't been camping in years! I bet that was fun.......I wanna see pictures if you took any! You and your fam are still in my prayers!

kellerie said...

I'm very glad to hear that he's better. I can only imagine how scary that would be!

I hope you had fun on your camping weekend! (I'm a little jealous!)

Unknown said...

It is so scary to take little ones to the ER, he is about the age that Steven was when he spiked a fever and had a sezure...I was also 5 months pregnant. I am so glad to hear he is doing better, not being able to breathe is such a scary feeling. You may have some trouble getting him to sleep alone over the next while b/c it was in his sleep that he got so sick. Steven still refers to the ER as the scary doctor and their regular FP as the nice doctor.

Amanda said...

I am glad camping went well. I'll call you today. Ummm...does this mean that Crystal and I no longer have a private chat room?

Crystal said...

Hey girlfriend, why did you delete your other post?? Sonya wasn't mad at all.