Friday, May 04, 2007


Today the boys and I have been out running around. Tim took the day off to work outside and get some things done. We did all have a picnic lunch together outside. Then the boys and I went to some garage sales and to the store. The deals today were not that great. I am waiting to hear about a treadmill that I might buy.

Isaiah is being dedicated at church on Sunday. I knew that it was going to be in May, but did not know that it was going to be this week until the pastor called on Tuesday. I think I have all the food figured out. Anyone who wants to come is welcome. Church is at 11:00. Email me if you need directions. We will be having lunch at our house afterwards.

Tomorrow my mom and I (and maybe Amanda???) are going to a community sale. I go to it just about every year. Some are better than others.

I have eaten 3 pieces of cake today- thanks mom! I'm going to have a fried food fest for supper.

Have a good weekend!


Crystal said...

ha ha yummy!

Your day sounded great! Oh, I wish I lived closer cause I would come to the dedication! Don't forget to give Amanda her gift from me, k???

Cheryl said...

I wish we could come. I'm sure everything will be beautiful. cake yummy, I would love some cake.

Amanda said...

Ohhh, a it a new right hand? I plan on coming tomorrow. Call me and let me know what time you are going.

Char said...

I don't think we are going to make it but we will be up next weekend for Mother's Day.
That'd be awesome if you got a treadmill!!