Friday, May 25, 2007

Crazy Week

This has been a crazy week. I have had a lot to post, just not any time to do it. My main project right now is getting ready for the garage sale at my mom's today and tomorrow. Pray that Amanda and I sell lots of kids clothes. I think I counted close to 15 boxes/totes of clothes. Any prayers for good weather would be appreciated too!


Crys said...

I hope your sale goes well!!! Sounds like you have been a busy lady!!!

Cheryl said...

Good luck. I hope you sell tons of stuff.

Mom2samandsawyer said...

price it low and it will go

Char said...

Hope your sale goes well and that the weather stays nice!

Amanda said...

How 'bout prayers for something new to read.

just teasing.

kind of.

Hey its Flanklin.

woo hoo