Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Glasses

This past Sunday we had a guest speaker at our church. He spoke of how when he was in the third grade he had to get glasses. He showed before and after pictures on the screen at the front of the church. In the before picture, he was a cute little kid and in the after picture, he had these big brown glasses and was wearing a very dated shirt with pointed collars buttoned all the way up.

His sermon was about God correcting our spiritual vision. He talked about how when he was young he thought that the more he studied about God the more he would understand Him and know Him. Yet even after seminar and years of study (he's getting ready to go to school for his doctorate), he feels he knows less than he did before. He said that this is because God is so big that we can't even begin to learn all about him. The more we learn, the more we see that there is even more to God than we thought before. Our human minds can not comprehend Him. That is the very nature of God. If we could completely understand him, he wouldn't be God.

He said this, "Getting glasses, I didn't care how I looked, only that I could see more clearly".

I want God to work on my spiritual sight. I want to "see" things as He sees them. I want to look at things in an eternal light. Life on earth is temporary. I don't care how I look to the rest of the world either. Maybe I'll look like a "geek" as the pastor did in his school picture. All I care about is "seeing" better.

I feel my sight getting better every day. I'm sure one of the reasons for this is because I have gotten back into my daily Bible reading. It's a struggle sometimes, but when I make the effort to get up a little earlier and start my day off with that, everything goes much smoother and I have a much better perspective.


Amanda said...

Wow! What a great attitude. I worry too much about looking geeky myself. I need to print this out, post it all over my house and read it several times a day. I tend to forget that things don't matter, outward appearances don't matter, what should matter most to me is my "spiritual appearance" and what I do and how I do it. I need to look at the "eternal" picture and not the temporary earthly one.
Did I get the right message from this or is it like the killing the birds and dying after grace story? Am I hopeless?!

SamandSawyersMom said...

no you got it amanda

very moving piece

Cheryl said...

That's it I quit the gym who cares. I am totally kidding. We all need to read that everyday!!!

Crystal said...