Thursday, April 05, 2007

Interesting Facts from Prevention Magazine

Eating fish 3 x a week helps lower your risk of dementia by 47%.

Fish oil also reduces anxiety. Those in the study took 5-600 milligram fish oil capsules a day for 3 months and were half as stressed.

I wish I liked fish better. I'm pretty much a fish stick person and occasionally something really deep fried.


Char said...

Maybe you should try a different kind of fish and you might like it. I love salmon and didn't know I liked it until I tried it once at Disney (was it the food or the atmosphere that made it taste wonderful??) Anyway, there are so many kinds of fish, maybe you just haven't found the right kind.
You can take fish oil capsules and not have to eat or taste the fish. We do that. We have the kind where it says on the bottle that it leaves not "fish burps", or something like that.
I really do love most kinds of fish though. Mmmmm....

Crystal said...

I take fish oil capsules too along with other vitamins......I do love seafood though!

SamandSawyersMom said...

yuck no fish except shrimp