Thursday, March 01, 2007

Annual Birthday Outing

On Monday, Charity and I had our annual girls day out to celebrate out birthdays. We had a lot of fun just checking out a bunch of different stores and eating out. We ended the evening by soaking our feet and then doing a mini facial.

Eat your heart out Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton!

(and if you want to know why I am up and posting at 4:30 am again, it's because I have a screaming baby who is mad at me for making him stay in bed). At 2:00 I had another boy up because he needed to go to the bathroom.


Crystal said...

Those are great!!! Looks like so much fun! It's so awesome that your sister n law is also your friend!!!

SamandSawyersMom said...

Ah I am cracking up. Those facial shots are great. Isn't it funny how beautiful people look with white cream on their faces? They really do. It is amazing.
Lura, your hair is really nice...where do you get it done? I am shockerd that YOU spend that kind of money on your hair. You are usually cheaper than that aren't you?
I LOVE the sun glasses. It is funny that they don't have to cost as much to look the same. I am glad you guys had fun. You look like super models!

Lura said...

Are you serious about my hair??? It needs colored really bad! The beautician at work cuts it for $10 or something and I highlighted it myself last time. I've only had it highlighted by the lady at work once almost 2 years ago for a wedding. Tim usually does the color for me. I think maybe the white cream makes you just look at peoples eyes or something. If you zoom though, you can see every pore on my face!

Cheryl said...

Great shots!!! I love the sunglasses. I'm glad you guys had so much fun.

SamandSawyersMom said...

I was serious. i didn't know you could do highlights at home....I thought you went and had it done and that is very expensive I think.

Char said...

OH my gosh! We are hot! haha!
Sorry your boys kept you up! :(