Friday, February 16, 2007

Just a Reminder

I'd just like to remind everyone to be careful on their blogs. I'm pretty sure most of us have public blogs that anyone can read. Lately there has been a lot of information on blogs that could possibly be harmful to our children.

Just take a look at your blog and see how much information someone who didn't know you could get about you or your child, where you live, and what school your child attends. I try very hard not to put what city we are in, our last name, or any info that someone could use to track us down. I'm sure that I have slipped at times.

I just don't want someone to look at your blog and say "hmmm _____ goes to this school. He has a dog named_____ and loves his trips to _______". That could be very dangerous info to a child predator.

I wish I had copied the original article I read, but this was all I could find right now. There are lots of articles about blogging safety if you Google "safe blogging".


Crystal said...

Wow, that was scary......thank you!

Char said...

I worry about this everytime I post something!

SamandSawyersMom said...

I am not worried, I think it is all kinda silly. I think there are dangers everywhere for people trying to hurt my children, but no more on the internet than in malls, schools etc. I try to be careful all the time.

Char said...

I say why add that extra danger when it can easily be prevented.