Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What diet am I following?

I'm not really following any particular diet. All of them in the past have worked for me. In college I did low/no fat which worked well. I have done Atkins/low carb and that worked well for me too.

This time I am making up my own diet. I have pretty much decided to stay away from sugar. I only eat 1 piece of bread a day (if any). I don't limit my veggies or fruits (but I've never been one to go overboard on those anyways). I haven't really had potatoes or pasta yet, but I will definately do those in moderation! I am also watching serving sizes. I have eaten Frito's, but have counted out 32 chips and then stopped. My advice is that if you can't stop after 32, don't even start! I am probably also doing low calorie as I don't eat a ton of food in a day. I have 2 smaller meals and then a larger meal. I am trying not to eat much fast food, but I have had a sub from Subway and a salad from McDonalds.

A sample menu for me might look like this:

B- 2-3 eggs scrambled and bacon or sausage
L- pizza burger (no bun) and carrot sticks, Diet Coke
S- Stir fry beef/onions with 1 small tortilla, a few cashews

I'm sure if you figured out the calories, they would be very minimal. It's also fairly low in carbs. I'm not really looking for a critique of my diet. It's working for me and how I was eating before this was not healthy, neither was being almost 100 lbs. overweight. Like I have said before, it would be nothing for me to have 8-10 cookies, eat 2 double cheeseburgers and a large fry, a candy bar, several cans of Coke, etc - in one day!

I'm hoping that with a lot of accountability and prayer, that this might be the year I actually see my goal weight. It's always been 147. That's what was on my drivers permit when I started driving. Even then, I don't think I was what anyone would call "skinny".


Crystal said...

Hey girl, if it works keep doing what you're doing!

SamandSawyersMom said...

I laughed out loud twice during that post, once during the admission that you won't go over board on fruits and veggies and the second time when you all but asked us not to give our opinions. Hey, I say whatever works. Losing weight is healthy anyway you do it...unless it is too fast. I think you are on track and I am proud of you. I am right behind you, just not dieting. Hey, I will soon. I am not looking for a critique of my diet either SBNL.

Char said...

Sounds great!! You're doing wonderful! :)