Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Happy 32nd Birthday to my best friend!

Today I got to spend about 7 hours with my best friend. No kids, no responsibilities, just us. It was a wonderful, much needed, and too short time together.

I wanted to write this great post about Amanda and our friendship to honor her on her birthday. Somehow though, our friendship is just too big and mere words don't seem enough to describe it (but I'll try).

We've been friends since at least the second grade. That means we've been friends for close to 25 years! There have been years that we have been close to each other and years that we weren't so close (ahem, the wrestlerette years). In all that time though I don't think that we've ever been closer to each other than we are now.

It hasn't been the great times that have made us great friends. I think it's all of trials and heartaches we've been through together. Although our lives have changed throughout the years, our friendship has been the one constant in the midst of everything else. We've survived adolescence, boyfriends, college, multiple jobs, marriage, infertility, multiple births, depression, weight gain, weight loss, illness and deaths.

There is not a day goes by that I don't think of about 15 things that I need to call and tell Amanda and vice versa. She's the only person I know that shares with me the excitement of catching fruit flies in the kitchen or getting a great deal at the grocery store. We share a lot of common interests, yet we are different people.

I pray that this will be a great year for Amanda. I pray that God will bring physical healing to her life. I pray that God will strengthen her marriage and give her the patience and wisdom she needs as a mother. I pray that she will find peace in the midst of all the storms of life. And selfishly I pray that God grants me many many more years of friendship with this woman.

"Thank you for being a friend"


SamandSawyersMom said...

AMEN!!!!!!!!I love Amanda too and I pray all those things too God, just incase you were counting the prayers and quantity matters. lol

Amanda said...

Golly Gee- she sounds really neat-o can you introduce us???