Friday, December 29, 2006

Dieting and Budgeting....Ugly words!

There are two really big areas in my life that I feel convicted to change. One is my horrible eating habits and the other is money management. I am really bad at both. There will probably be many posts about these topics in the months to come because they are both things I want to work on. I wish there were quick fixes to turn my life around in those areas, but there aren't.

I have had an eating problem I'd say all of my adult life. I have done many different "diets" many of which worked as long as I stayed on them. When I'm not on a diet, watch out! I'm one of those secret eaters (not anymore) who sneaks one more chocolate or eats after everyone else goes to bed. Several years ago I would go through the drive thru at Burger King after work and get a whopper meal. I would eat it on the way home and then eat supper with Tim when I got home. That was a really low time in my life. Not only did I feel guilty about my eating and weight, but I also hated my job and I was dealing with infertility.

Starting on Tuesday, I will be joining a weight loss challenge at work. It is for five weeks. I will post my starting weight on here with the hopes that it will keep me accountable. Each week there is a different challenge such as keeping a food journal or drinking a certain amount of water. Feel free to join me if you are so inclined! If you are curious, I'm not going to "do" any certain diet. I will be giving up sugar for sure and possibly bread. I am not good with moderation (obviously) so the only way for me to stick with something is to cut it out completely.

I am also bad with money. My parents set an excellent example for us while we were growing up. They never had a credit card until I was in college or shortly after (that I know of). I however have fallen into credit card debt and those wonderful 6 month same as cash deals. Getting into debt was totally our choice. It was never something we "had" to do.

I have given Tim my credit card. I really want to get on a budget. Every time I look at our finances on paper, it doesn't make sense. We seem to pay more out than we make (which is definitely a God thing). Food is one area that fluctuates a lot for us, so I will probably work on reigning that in quite a bit. My goal is to stay home with the kids when they start school in approximately 3 years. Right now that looks pretty much impossible. I serve a big God who says that "Nothing is impossible with (him)" Luke 1:37. I have to do my part though. I need to pray and be a good steward of the money God has given me.

Please pray for me in both of these areas!


SamandSawyersMom said...

As far as the money thing goes, I stink too so my husband does it all. Is that a possibility? For Tim to just take over and give you what you need when you need it? If you have to ask for it, it will be harder to get it. The weight thing is the worst. It is hard and it is even harder when you are otherwise happy like me. I have almost everything in my life that I want so it is hard for me to concentrate on losing weight when I am already happy. Count yourself lucky though that your work is doing something. Really! Many of us are totally on our own. I will help anyway I can. I will do anything you ask of me. If you want me to call you once a day, week, or month and grill you, I will. Ha! Or just ask you how you are doing? Honestly, we both know that support is key. Let me know. I need to start one too but I am not prepared yet cause I have to have a meal plan. I can't just diet. It doesn't work. Good luck. Please post all your challenges! We are all praying!

Crystal said...

I will definitely pray for you on both of these. I have areas to work on too and will need lots of prayer. I will post about them on my blog. I really pray for the best outcome for you! Your sister in Christ!

kellerie said...

if you have lots of credit debt, a program like consumer credit counseling services works really well. trust me. we had LOTS, but in a little more than a year, we will be debt free - and have enough monthly cash from not paying credit bills that we won't even need a credit card!
for food and other budgeting, i've used an envelope system. it helps if you have extra cash, like from income taxes, to get it started. it takes commitment from both of you, though, that's why ours didn't work so well.
good luck!

Lura said...

Thanks everyone for the support already!

Cheryl said...

You can do this. we will all pray for you and you will succeed. Good luck, post those challenges maybe we can join you.

Char said...

You know I'll support you any way I can! I plan to do the same thing, with money and with my weight. I feel crappy.
We could start up a Yahoo group or something for all of us that want to join and you could put the challenges there too. It would be more private that way too, if you want private? :)
Oh and I won't pass on my Scholastic book club order forms to you! That's my contribution to help you with some of your money issues!

Char said...

I think I've given you this website before, but I like spark people. It is a great place to go for ideas, support, articles and for tracking your food and other goals. You can make up your goals and keep track of them in there and also put in the food you eat and it'll calculate the calories and other things that you've eaten that day. It is free!

SamandSawyersMom said...

wow , thanks charity