Monday, October 02, 2006

30 Days of Nothing

Ok. I've known for a long time that I have a spending problem. It's not that I buy a lot of expensive or extravagant stuff, I just buy a lot of stuff. I love to shop thrift stores and garage sales. I love to eat out. I like buying little things for my friends to brighten their days. It's not all bad or selfish.

There are several problems with this. One of them is money. Since the money tree out back hasn't bloomed yet, we don't have unlimited resources. Another problem is materialism and never being satisfied with what I have. Never being really appreciative for what I have.

I have been reading several blogs online about women who have done something called "30 Days of Nothing". The original blog can be found here:

While my experience or limitations won't be exactly the same, I hope to learn some of the same things. I am going to give up eating out, ordering pizza, and buying books (which is a hard one for me). I will not be visiting the vending machine at work or stopping at the coffee shop for chai lattes. I want to be aware of the "necessities" in my life and more critical of the "wants". I think many Americans are spoiled yet because we don't live at the lifestyle we think we want, we feel poor.

There are definitely some things I will not go without. I will not stop buying juice, milk, and fruit for my boys. Nor will I stop buying diapers. I will go without ketchup if we run out because no where in the world is it a necessity unless that's all you have to eat. And much as I hate to say it....falls in that same category. I will go w/o a light if the bulb burns out and we don't have one to replace it. Toys will remain silent if the batteries die. Clothing purchases will be put off.

I am so bad at delaying gratification. I want what I want and I want it NOW! I am hoping to learn that it can be done and that I will be a better person for it.

Day 2 is down and so far so good. I threw out some ads for books. I realized that the library book sale is next week and that is killing me. But I will not go. Sometimes it's easier to tell my self no than to tell someone else no. The test will be when "everyone" is going out for lunch at work. Or, I'm having a really bad day and "deserve" to treat myself for surviving.

Till next time......


johneyharis8661250405 said...
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SamandSawyersMom said...

Wow! That is quite a feat. It is amazing how God convicts each of us differently. I feel God's lead daily in my life but for different things.

I guess you are not interested in the city wide yard sales this weekend??

Call me if you need a flashlight, I'll be right up.