Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Words of Wisdom

I read this recently in a book called "Even Now" by Karen Kingsbury.

"Knowing Christ means that all the world might be falling apart just outside your front door- maybe just inside it- yet that inner peace, that inner knowing, remains unshaken. A quick formula for all of us would be this: Does your world feel out of control? Are you lacking peace in your marriage, your finances, your health or your relationships?

Add Christ.

Add prayer and Bible study and conversations with other people who share your faith.

Your mind is only so big. To the degree that it is occupied with Christ, you simply won't have anything left for unrest and worry, frustration or hopelessness."

I want my mind to be filled with Christ. I want to remember that this world and everything in it is temporary. The only thing that matters is letting other people see Christ in me.

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