Monday, September 04, 2006

Fun with Daddy

Tonight was much like every other night at bed time. After their baths the boys got their pajamas on, ate their M&M's (yeah-2 more potty successes!), and then proceeded to jump on daddy (or as we used to call it "Hop on Pop").

Yesterday we marched in the Milan Melon Festival Parade. We were helping support our friend, Ed Enderle, as he runs for State Representative. Today the boys have been playing "Fire Truck Man" and pretending to throw suckers.

Last night we had a bonfire out back with my brother and his family and Tim's sister and her husband. We had a smore buffet- smores made w/ 5 kinds of cookies, mini Hershey assorted candy bars, Reese cups, and of course the good ol' fashioned kind w/ graham crackers and Hershey bars. We stayed out till after midnight. It was a lot of fun and a beautiful night. Our boys were in bed.

Today Tim worked on the play yard fence (top rails). Tonight for supper Isaiah and I went to get Chinese take out while Tim and the boys rode around the yard in the wagon.

Isn't funny (or not) how long weekends never really seem all that long?

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SamandSawyersMom said...

That picture is precious. I love the hop on pop thing. That is cute. The boys are growing too fast.