Sunday, June 25, 2006

Party Party

This weekend was full of parties. On Saturday night, my brother and I attended a pirate themed party. The victuals and grog were great and it was a blast being with old friends again! The band rocked! My computer generated pirate (or should I say wench) name was Canker Corliss Dread.

Today after church the family headed over to my friend Kellie's house for a summer/open house party at their new place. The boys had a ton of fun swimming, sliding down the slide, and running around. I enjoyed the food. Isaiah was introduced to the pugs who were very affectionate toward him. See picture above!


SamandSawyersMom said...

What is grog and victuals? Since when do you ROCK to bands? Who are you?

Lura said...

Grog is pirate drinks and victuals are pirate food. I was especially fond of the cannon balls (chocolate peanut butter balls). Mmmmmmm!

mis said...

You were some of my favorite pirates to come aboard! I'm SO glad you made it!