Saturday, April 18, 2009

More finds. I found this comforter for our bed. I have been looking at Kohls and every thing has been about $150 or so. Even on sale they were $60. I found this one for $10. I've since found out the other side is nicer, but of course I didn't find that out until after I took the picture. Two pairs of pajamas and a pair of Children's place overalls (for Leeland) for $1.75 total.
Here are all of my finds from the church rummage sale. The only thing I didn't buy there was the shoes hanging on the rack. I'm not even sure what that rack is for, but for .25 it will be a shoe holder at our house!

I love the candle holder with the rooster weather vane on top. It was a quarter also. I paid $4.50 for all of the things in the picture above.

Close up of the napkins. I envision using one of them in a basket of bread for Easter or spring in general.

I bought the boys marshmallow shooters. There are actually 4 shooters (I don't like guns, remember?). I bought one for Lochlyn. I'm sure the big boys (Tim and Matthew) will steal them and have some fun! I also found these neat scrubbers that someone had made. The marshmallow shooters were $2.50 a piece.