Saturday, April 18, 2009

Garage Sale/ Rummage Sale finds

So far not a whole lot of garage sale action going on around here, but there seem to be a few more every week. This sale had all of their kids clothes for .50, unfortunately her kids were both younger than mine. I did score some cute things for Leeland though. Turns out the lady having this garage sale used to babysit Lochlyn ( I didn't recognize her). Also bought a cute Doug and Melissa puzzle for 1.00. I will be putting that away for Leeland for Christmas. I love the big chunky knobs on the pieces.

When we pulled into the sale, I noticed pine cones on the ground by our van. I decided I would ask the owner if they would mind if we took a few (this was before I knew she was a friend of Matthews). Anyways, she said to take as many as we wanted and the boys and I will be making bird feeders out of them next week.

I found this little bunny dish at a church rummage sale and fell in love with it. I couldn't really capture it well with the camera, I think you just have to see it in person. I love it's quirkiness and how the rabbits stick up above the bowl.

It just got even better after I filled it with the remaining jelly beans from Easter.

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Char said...

Love the bowl!! The jelly beans look awesome in it.
The chunky pieces puzzle is awesome too! I love wooden toys.