Friday, March 20, 2009

Weekly Deals and Steals

At the beginning of the week, I was able to snag these freebies at CVS during their "3 day sale".Last night I stopped at Chipolte to take advantage of a "free burrito". Two weeks ago we got a brown paper lunch bag in our paper that said you could take it to Chipolte and they would give you a free burrito. So I paid 1.50 for the paper and got a 5.99 burrito for free. This is the 1/4 of burrito that was left when I got home. They are huge!
I was able to make it to Aldi's before they closed this week. Some deals worth mentioning, butter 1.50, wheat bread bogo (1.19), and eggs .90. Total spent at Aldi $26.59.
My second CVS stop of the week. Not very exciting, but I was able to get laundry detergent for 1.99 a bottle. Total oop 1.06 (I used 2.99 in ECB's to pay for the rest).
My Walgreens stop was next. Free toothpaste plus overage (meaning they paid me money to buy the toothpaste), Sambucol 4/1.00 (normally $10.25 each), and .25 Trident. Total $3.63. This stop was all about the coupons!
My best stop of the day was at Walmart. I usually don't shop there anymore, but had some coupons that I thought might make for some good deals. Unfortunately they did not have the kitten food I was hoping for, but I did snag 4 FREE bags of dog food for my friend Tiffanie. The Buddies soaps were also free. When the cashier got done ringing up my groceries, she told me the total and then looked through my coupons again like something wasn't right. She finally realized that all of the coupons matched up! My total was $36 something before coupons and $4.16 after coupons (1.74 of that was tax).

I just barely made it into Target before they closed and only had 10 minutes, but managed to get these deals. Free Buddies soap again (the boys may be using this stuff in college!) and a great deal on applesauce. Target total? 39 cents!
My last stop was Meijer. They had their Lysol products on sale for 1/2 off and I also had some coupons for them. Combine that with a $3 mail in rebate, and most of the products end up being free or close to it. Meijer total was $17.71.
I was proud of myself this week. I've been trying and trying to remember to use my cloth shopping bags. I finally remembered them about 1/2 the time this week. It's progress! Soon I hope to bring home no plastic bags from the store. I do recycle my plastic bags every week at Kroger.

The Grand Finale. Total this week $53.18. I will get a $3 refund for the Lysol, so that takes it down to $50.18. I'm over my $40 budget, but I did get 2 frozen pizzas (5.98 for both) which will save us almost$20 next week as we usually order on Wednesday nights.
Thanks for checking out my deals. I hope it inspires you to find some deals of your own. If you are just starting out, just try to do a deal or two. It has taken me awhile to get to this point.


Katherine said...

Yay for using reusable bags! We keep a reminder on our kitchen whiteboard (where we also write out our grocery list) to take the bags with us. Plus I keep a tiny one in my purse for other shopping visits...although I almost always forget it's there!

Cheryl said...

how the heck did you get the dog food for free? My 90 pounds monsters live on IAMS!!

Lura said...

$5 off coupons from the paper (not sure what week). It is only good on the puppy food or kitten food. It was $5 a bag at Walmart.

Char said...

I got free Buddies too!! Whoohoo!!

The Three Little Bears said...

I just found your blog and I can't wait to read more! you and I are so totally on the same page! I just wrote a blog about reusing bags. :)

Anonymous said...