Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Heard Around Here

Heard from Isaiah:

"Mommy, Miss Michelle has hair in her nose". Miss Michelle is a 16 year old Awana leader at church.

Last night at dinner, "Mommy, I have a pea stuck in my nose". Yes, he did. I promptly removed it and he promptly ate it.


Katherine said...

Love you!

Amanda said...

I am sure Miss Michelle would be flattered!

Char said...

HAHA! That funny!! Who stuck the pea up his nose? Zay would be my guess.

Cheryl said...

oh seriously, he ate it...yuck! that is funny. you're kids are too funny.

Lura said...

Both things were Isaiah.

Unknown said...

Ah, you just never know what's coming up next.
I loved the post about your grandfather. My precious grandmother went to heaven last August.
Lots of love,

(yay for twins!)