Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Clean Swap Part Two

I received a second package from The Netherlands last week. Inside it were these goodies:

- A huge dishcloth. It is folded in half twice!
-Pink gloves to clean with.
-Color blockers. Apparently you put these in with your clothes and they won't bleed when washing them.
-And last, but not least, real Dutch chocolate! I was somewhat surprised by the taste as it has a buttery/caramel taste. It was good, there were 3 pieces :) !

Thanks Linda! It's been a lot of fun doing this swap with you!!


Unknown said...

Shout makes a similar color catcher..I use it when washing fabric for quilts.

Cheryl said...

yummy the chocolate sounds great!! Very nice. The color grabber things really work. Sometimes they will work if you accidentally get some color bleeding and use them to rewash the clothes before you dry them,