Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Friday Free and Forty on Wednesday

Some pictures from last weeks shopping extravaganza.

First stop was this past Sunday when I found boneless chicken breast on sale at our local grocery store for 1.59 a pound. Total= $10.19
Spot is checking out the stuff that I found at Walgreens. Total= $2.09 Best of all is the free chocolate, and then one of those boxes had a coupon for 1.00 off which will net me another free box of chocolate!

These are my Target purchases. 69 cents each for the bags of Flat Earth chips and .18 each for the soup (1.28 minus my 1.10 coupon on each). Total= $2.10

My Meijer deals. Total= $9.15

Kroger deals in the next picture. Free toilet paper, you can never have enough of that! 1.99 gallons of milk. Best buy there was the 5 lb. bag of clementines for 4.99 minus 1.00 coupon= 3.99 for 5 lbs of fruit! Total= $8.11

My CVS buys. I paid $5.51 OOP (out of pocket) for all of this. The cotton balls were free. The feminine products were .50, the shampoo was .50 each. My advice is to always scan your card for coupons (if your store has one of those machines when you walk in). This trip it printed out $10 in ECB's for taking an online survey, $2 off any cosmetic item, and $5 off of $$30 purchase. I had less than $8 in ECB's when I started and still came away with $4 ECB's. Typing it makes it sound a lot more complicated than it really is. If only I had had a coupon for the pull-ups like I usually do, i would have only spend $3.51.

Total for this week? $37.15 Which left just about enough money for one of these. Total = $40.55. I'm happy with that!


Cheryl said...

wow, I spend over a $100 when I "run in for few things". you are unbelievable!

Amanda said...

I'll be over for a can of diet coke!