Thursday, August 30, 2007

Random Thoughts

Please pray for me today. I'm tired (it's my own fault) and I'm just irritable and grumpy. I am not being nice to my family. I have to go to work and what I want to do is just go hide under my covers and hide from the world.

Sometimes I just really hate having to go to work. It really interferes with the whole wife/homemaker/mother thing. It stinks! I could go on about this, but I don't have time right now. I love my job, but I wish I could stay home now and have it back in about 16 years. I know some women have to work 5 days a week and I should be grateful that I only have to go two.

Maybe I need to go to McDonald's so I can hear someone tell me "Have a nice day".


Unknown said...

Have a great day! Boy do I get the want to crawl under the covers to hide from the something little and nice for yourself today (I say you have to) and I want to see a post about it too...get a Chai, paint your toenails, buy a new magazine, lay in the yard and look at the clouds..without kids...whatever! Just for you. I like to think of myself as a well, I can give what is in there, it does not take much to put back a lot but those little things make a huge difference. When was the last time you and Tim spent time together without any kids (them sleeping does not count). Have a great day Lura honey!

Crystal said...

Lura Lu, I will pray for you. I had a day yesterday that made me want to hide under the covers too! It was emotionally draining but I got thru it by going outside and laying in my hammock with my lil redhead and had him tell me all about his day at school. It was so nice to lay with him while he talked about the simple things in life, you know, the simple days of being a kid. It really helps to put things back into perspective. I only work 4 6hour days a week and I try to remain thankful for that cause so many people have to work so much more and rarely have time with their kids. I love being able to be at home and take care of my babies and my husband too......that's when I am the happiest but unfortunately, some of us can't do that full time.

I hope you have a better day today and I will definitely pray for you. You are a great mother, homemaker and should be proud of your life!!!! Love ya!

SamandSawyersMom said...

oh that is perfectly okay that you hate going to work but still love your job. I am sadened by the fact that my baby has a medical condition that BARELY affects our lives when we know someone whose child will not live. That doesn;t change that I am sad for Sawyer and for me. It is okay. Of course we need to be grateful too but it is all okay to feel that way.

Being home is amazing and I work hard to do it but some days, i would rather talk to a co worker or pee alone...did I just type that?

McDonalds sounds great but not for the greeting but for the fries. Now that is some pain reliever...FOOD!!

Crystal said...

Better yet, maybe you've just been sniffin too many grapes!

Cheryl said...

Chocolate, I say it again and again but it fixes what ales you. A good magazine, chocolate and a few minutes in a bath and you'll feel all better. Don't get down we all have those days and they pass. I'll pray for you! and HAVE A GOOD DAY!!

Anonymous said...

{{hugs}} and prayers...

us mommas wear ourselves out more than we admit... I know I do.

kellerie said...

have a good day!
have a good day!
have a good day!
your job is important! you are good at what you do !
have a good day!

Char said...

Hey sista!
I'm sorry you are so tired! I really wish I was there to help you do some of the canning and such with the grapes.
I know what you mean about hiding under the covers. It'll be ok, I promise!! Do something calming, take a nice long bath - i know you like that - get some yummy ice cream at the ice cream place, get to bed early tonight! I promise I won't talk to you on line so you can get to bed at a decent time!
It's ok to feel like you do. It's a cycle, that's for sure. You feel sorry for yourself for something, then you feel guilty for feeling that way because you feel you should be grateful for it, and on and on! Hang in there and it'll pass!
Love ya!! YFSIL

Cheryl said...

Are you just trying to get a card like Amanda?

SamandSawyersMom said...

how are you feeling today? Any better?