Monday, August 20, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away!

They are multiplying! I did freeze two quarts of tomatoes last night and froze some green peppers and banana peppers. I also made a double batch of salsa. I stayed up until 2 am like a crazy woman. My clothes out on the line that have been hanging since Saturday. It has rained every day. We are starting to get a little stream out there.
The overgrown garden and more rain!


Crystal said...

WOW! We havent't gotten a single drop of rain in over a week! We have a serious drout going on here! It was supposed to rain yesterday and didn't cause I ordered sunshine for Sammy's party and it's supposed to rain today but hasn't yet!

Char said...

That's a lot of rain!
I'll take some tomatoes to make some more salsa, if you don't mine!
I could come help you can this weekend if you want? Let me know.

Cheryl said...

We need the rain, send it down here!!

Unknown said...

Wouldn't the clothes dry faster hung the shower rod.

Lura said...

Yeah, but it's too late now, so I'm leaving them there. Besides, I'd have to go out in the rain and get them while standing in the river!